Sheet Lightning Video Tutorials

Sheet Lightning has a comprehensive parametric library for designs that require no more input than typed dimension values, but the software also includes a full 3D design environment with unlimited design scope.The following video tutorials have recently been created to train users to use these more powerful 3D design features to create their own customized design (and should expand significantly in the near future). The tools are tailored for purpose and therefore make 3D design as easy as it gets. The videos are also useful to give an appreciation of just what is possible using these tools.

Demonstration & Overview

Sheet Lightning Pro6 - Demonstration & Overview of Main Features (25 mins)

Using 3D CAD Design

Part 1 - Sheet Lightning Pro6 - Using 3D CAD - Basics (13 mins)


Part 2 - Sheet Lightning Pro6 - Using 3D CAD - Modifying Designs (10 mins)


Part 3 - Sheet Lightning Pro6 - Using 3D CAD - Size & Position (12 mins)

Special Design

Part 1 - Sheet Lightning Pro6 - Lampshade Design (20 mins)


Sheet Lightning - Additional Tutorials

The following videos are additional tutorials showing some specific aspect of design using Sheet Lightning. They show the details of how to get the best from the software:

How to create part junctions?

How to perform a plane cut on a part end?

Mesh Unfolder

Mesh Unfolder v3 Demonstration


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