Special Design

Pressure Vessels

The following special design example shows a parameterically design pressure vessel  with any number of outlets. The design requires only type dimension input, but can be converted to a CAD design for additional modification using specialised CAD tools.

Pressure Vessel Screen Shot

Fig : Pressure Vessel Design

Swept Bends

A standard special parametric designer is the swept bend (lobster back bend) designer

Swept Bend Screen Shot

Fig: Swept Bend


Swept Bend Solid Screen Shot

Fig : Swept Bend - Solid


Parametric Feeder Screen Shot

Fig: Feeder - Designs a vertical feeder with any number of conic outlets at the base. The outlet pipes can have any downward angle, taper, angle around the main feeder etc. The design is create entirely by parametric input, but can then be converted from parametric to CAD format to customize the design even further. A very powerful special design feature. Unfolded by a single command.


Special Design wth Sheet Lightning

Sheet Lightning implements a number of special design capabilities. These generally appear on the ‘Special’ menu in the program. In some cases highly specialized design facilties have been developed by Revcad, reducing otherwise complex design down to simple type parameters. May of these are based on the exisiting CAD capability but simplify the process to parametric design, but of a more complex nature than the designs in the parametric libraries.



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