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Company Overview
Revcad have  been around since 1987 and originally developed and released an early version of Sheet Lightning in 1990. Its first release was priced at $4000 (USD) and marked a radical advance in design capability with its full 3D design environment.

They continued to develop the program until 1993 adding a powerful parametric environment that worked in collaboration with the 3D system enabling users to build their own parameterized design library. From 1993 onwards Revcad became contractually engaged in other collaborative projects and products in the structural steel sector and later the automotive sector.

Sheet Lightning was developed on Pre-Windows technology but was packaged to install and operate through Windows. The program continued to sell as a high profile product until June 2000 when Revcad decided (in view of the aging nature of the software and our preoccupation with other projects) to release the program at a token giveaway price of $50 (USD). As a result numerous copies were downloaded through the web site and are in use on a worldwide scale addressing a specialized but varied market.

The program has continued to sell until the present day serving its specialist market well. However the advance in Windows software has led to difficulties supporting the program in all new Windows operating systems (particularly 2000 and XP). This has therefore led to increased pressure on Revcad to release a new version of the program. That much awaited new release (version 5.0) was first released as a beta version on 3 July 2002, then the final release was issued on 18 January 2003 after undergoing and extensive alpha and beta testing programme.

Mission Statement
Revcad Software are set to expand their operation with their new release of Sheet Lightning in both general and specialist engineering fields. The new program is a complete rewrite, based on the same mathematical model, but using the latest programming technology and a vast amount of programming experience in the structural steel and automotive sectors.

During development of the new version of Sheet Lightning Revcad Software have brought together their ‘RAD CAD’ technology vision (Rapid Application Development for CAD applications). This technology is designed to enable the rapid development of CAD applications that closely and seamlessly collaborate with general CAD system, but can operate as standalone design system with highly specialized tools for complex CAD design

Revcad are committed to continue to supply highly productive, low cost specialist and general CAD solutions.

Company Background
As a company Revcad have a very strong foundation in both engineering, software development and programming technology. We are avid exponents of object oriented programming techniques applied to CAD and are widely experienced in the many branches of mechanical engineering design including steel construction, automotive and others.


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