Sheet Lightning v6 - Features


This information provides a comparison between our software packages Sheet Lightning v6 and the previous version 5, and between the new SLv6 and SLPro-v6.

Comparing : Sheet Lightning v6  to  Sheet Lightning v5

Sheet Lightning v6 is the latest upgrade of our sheet metal pattern unfolding software. V6 brings with it some powerful new design features, a better design environment, and brings the software up to date with significant changes with Windows (particularly Vista and Windows 7) since v5. The additions and improvements are:

New Design Features

Environment Changes

  • Improved 3D Design Environment
  • Full Color 3D Rendered Design Images
  • Improved Help System (context sensitive)
  • Complete PDF Manuals

Comparing : Sheet Lightning Pro v6  to  Sheet Lightning v6

The professional version of Sheet Lightning introduces additional powerful new features for importing simple DXF 3D center line drawings and quickly turning them into complete structures, Or perhaps for designing complex sweeping chutes with difficult branches.

The software ships with examples, such as simplified designs structures of parts of the Eiffel tower in Paris, France, or special spiral chutes with complex take-offs. The unfolded pattern templates can be used for manufacturing designs out of Sheet, or as wrap around templates for tubes and structures. It brings structures such as football stadiums and airports within the scope of design and manufacture.

SLPro-v6 also includes additional special designers. These tend to be the most powerful features of the software because they are capable of generating complex designs using only typed dimensions, so no CAD skill level is required to generate them.


Fig: DXF Import Dialog


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