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Become an Affiliate Reseller & Promoter

Revcad invite you to apply to become an affiliate promoter and reseller of our products. If you have an interest in our products (or selected products) and have means of promoting them through a website, email contacts or other then please feel free to apply.

How does it work?

Affiliates are handled professionally by our software vendor. When you apply your application is screened for suitability by both our vendor and Revcad. If accepted you are sent hyperlinks for the purchase of our products (or selected products) that you can simply include on your website or in email. Any customers that click on the link are diverted to the purchasing form for the product. The purchase is automatically credited to you as an affiliate for which you will receive a commission payment. Each time a purchase is made via your affiliate links you are automatically notified of the purchase by email from rthe vendor. Responsibility for fulfilling the order is completely handled by Revcad and Shareit. Your work is done by simply providing the hyperlink to your customer - IT’S REALLY IS THAT EASY.

How do I get paid commission as an Affiliate?

When you apply to become an affiliate you will be asked to give bank or payment details. Your commission will be transfered to your bank account by Shareit on a monthly basis, or payment sent by whatever means you choose in the affiliate application form.

How much commission do I get on sales as an affiliate?

Your commission level (once accepted as an affiliate) is set by us according to your level of promotion. If you offer some measure of support or some specilised promotion for our products we generally offer a commission of 30%. If your promotion is simply a website link then the commission rate may be fixed at 15%. We invite you to talk to us about your plans and intentions and about what level of commission may be available to you. We also offer further incentives if your sales performance is good.

How do I apply?

To apply simply click here >> Apply to become an affiliate for Revcad. When you have made the application we will contact you to welcome you to our affiliate community. Please feel free to make the application - it may be of great benefit - without any hassle of taking payments or handling orders.

Trevor Maddison
Revcad Ltd

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