Adapter Design

Sheet Lightning v 5 has the capability for designing various sheet metal adapters that adapt between any of the supported section shapes. These include round, square, rectangular, oval and rounded rectangle. The adapter can be straight, tapered or skewed (i.e. obliquely offset).

Adapter Design Screen Shot

Fig: Adapter Screen Shot

To design an adapter simply open the library browser, browse to adapters and load it. It is then a matter of typing in a few dimension values into the parameter editor - e.g. lengths, diameters etc. and watching the adapter design instantly change.

Once the correct dimension values have been entered the adapter can be unfolded at the press of a button, then the development pattern exported to a DXF CAD file or exported directly and seamlessly to another CAD, CAM or CNC system at the press of another button. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

Alternatively the pattern can be printed directly to the printer full size. If the pattern is too large to fit on a single sheet it can be spread over any number of sheets allowing any size of pattern to be printed on any size of printer. The pattern can then be used for manufacture.

Adaptation can be made between any or the supported sections, including: circle, rectangle, square, oval. The adaptor can be any length and oblique or skewed.

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