Autocad - Sheet Metal

Sheet Metal Design Software for Autocad

Sheet Lightning v5 sheet metal  design and unfolding software can operate as a standalone program for sheet metal design, or can be used to generate data for seamless export to Autocad. The export to Autocad will happen automatically at the press of a bchimney top1utton providing Autocad is registered in Windows as the default dxf data application. Normally this is true if Autocad is installed.

The 2D sheet metal patterns or the 3D designs can be exported to Autocad in wire frame or surface model form. Autocad can then be used to shade the 3D models for presentations and reports or the model can be measured using the Autocad measurement tools to assist the design process.

Using Autocad together with Sheet Lightning further enhances the capability for innovative sheet metal 3D design. The data flow is one-way: from Sheet Lightning to Autocad. It is not currently possible to import data from Autocad because this would mean interpretation of the data to a higher level. Rather designs created in Sheet Lightning generate lower level geometric CAD data and export that to Autocad forprocessing, display or manufacture.

Alternatively the standalone system can plot/print data directly rather than export to Autocad, or it can be exported to another application such as a CNC system for cutting and manufacture.

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