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Tube Steeler is our software package for designing 3D tubular steel structures, up to any complexity, and then generating the G-Code for automated manufacture of the tubes.

tube steel designHOWEVER : This software is only available to us at Revcad for generating tube steel manufacturing data. We don't distribute the software or sell licenses, but you can still get use of it... please read on:

Our sheet metal software Sheet Lightning has the same design environment, and is also able to design tube steel in 3D, and then unfold it into wrap around templates that can be used for tube manufacture. But this sheet metal system does not generate 3D 5-Axis G-Code data. That is the job of Tube Steeler.

Tube Steeler works on the same design files as Sheet Lightning. The difference is it includes the capability to generate the 3D 5-Axis G-Code cutting paths needed to automatically manufacture the tubes complete with chamfers and weld preps that make a thick walled tub design perfectly fit together. If you design a structure in tube steel, using Sheet Lightning, you can then submit it to us for a number of paid services:

  1. Generate 5-Axis G-Code for tube manufacture.
  2. Get a structural analysis of your design.


GCode Example

Figure: Tube Steeler: G-Code Example

This shows an example of a design that has been transferred from Sheet Lightning and the 5-Axis G -Code cutting paths generated to manufacture it. In this case the design is more complex than tube. Anything that Sheet Lightning can design, Tube Steeler can generate cutting code for.




If you prefer to design your tube steel structures in another CAD system you can create it using line entities to represent the tube center lines, import it into Sheet Lightning, then save the file and transfer it to us for processing to get the tube cutting data.

See the following we page for more information (Importing Designs).




Tube Steeler is able to provide static and dynamic analysis of tube steel structures to validate their integrity. Once again this is a paid service we offer.


Figure: Structure Analysis of Canopy Brace Structure




G-CODE - As consultants we are able to take tube steel designs created in Sheet Lightning; analyze the structure for structural integrity; and process it with Tube Steeler to generate 5-Axis G-Code cutting data so the design can be built / manufactured.

3D DESIGN - As consultants we offer 3D design and development software and services to generate complex tube steel structures mathematically (such as our canopy design), and then analyze the structure, and generate manufacturing data. 

Our tube steel software is able to mathematically generate some huge building designs in tube steel. If you are interested in pursuing a project of this kind, of any size, we invite you to consult us on the services we can offer.

ROBOTIC CONSTRUCTION - Our software capabilities are always pushing the boundaries of what is possible. That includes a futuristic exploration for building huge tube steel structures using free ranging robots. We have already developed our robotics system to the point where it can be demonstrated working out complex solutions for robotic building, and these services are open for engineering companies that wish to get involved and partner with us in its development. There are also numerous other possibilities with this technology that are on track for commercialization. The following website describes the project:


Please contact us if you would like to explore any of these services or ideas further with us.


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