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Company Overview
Revcad have  been around since 1987 and we originally developed and released an early version of Sheet Lightning in 1990. Its first release was priced at $4000 (USD) and marked a radical advance in design capability with its full 3D design environment. Later a powerful parametric environment was added that revolutionized the product, bringing custom 3D design and parametric libraries together in one system. The whole interface has so far been redeveloped twice since its initial release to keep pace with modern CAD method and develop some highly specialized methods for rapid design, and it continues to be advanced and improved.

As the Internet revolution began we made the decision to change our marketing model and release our products at low cost to broaden the user base so many people with small businesses could benefit from this technology. Since then the program has been bought and used worldwide and in many cases it is the basis of the whole business.

Feedback from our users highlighted a need in our user community and led us to create another program - Mesh Unfolder - for the flattening of 3D meshes, which has become another global success.

Over the years we have engaged in many specialized design requirements, some of which have been added to the software. There is therefore a growing list of ‘Special’ features in Sheet Lightning that address many niche design areas that can in themselves for the basis of a whole manufacturing business.

Mission Statement
Revcad are committed to continue to develop and supply highly productive, low cost, specialized and general CAD solutions to the wider market and to offer products that give businesses the leading edge in the world of design and manufacturing.

Company Background
As a company Revcad have a very strong foundation in both engineering, software development and programming technology. We are avid exponents of object oriented programming techniques applied to CAD and are widely experienced in the many branches of mechanical engineering design including steel construction, automotive, HVAC and others.

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