Dome Design


Dome Design Using Sheet Lightning v6 and Pro v6 CAD Software

Sheet Lightning v6 CAD software includes a powerful dome designer - a dome made of segments like orange peel. The dome can have a center cap, and any number of identical segments. The segment may have a single radius, a top and an edge radius, or any number of strips that can be straight or have any radius to make up the segment. The diameter of the dome is calculated so that when it is fabricated it can be rolled to become the correct diameter to fit exactly on a circular end. This feature is also useful for lamp design and other artistic design work.

Dome - Round

Fig: Dome Design - Round

Dome - Double Radius

Fig: Dome Design - Double Radius

Dome - Smart

Fig: Dome Design - Smart

The cap and segments are unfolded into into flat patterns.

To see the feature in action download the demo software and open the command File | New | Create Dome. Alter the dimensions, then use the Unfold command to unfold the sheet metal parts.

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