Ellipse & Oval Sections


Unfolding Ellipses & Ovals (Symmetric & Asymmetric)

Sheet Lightning v6 can create and unfold elliptical and oval section pipes/conduit, designed with of without taper and skew (i.e. parallel end offset). Oval pipes and cones can be designed with sections that basically comprise of four tangentially connected arcs. This means that not only ovals can be created but very unusual shapes with different arc radii - such as kidney or egg sections.

Asymmetric Oval Screen Shot

Fig: Asymmetric Oval - The asymmetric oval, as shown, enables the design of oval parts that are completely assymetric in terms of opposite radii - therefore encompassing kidney sections and numerous others because the section arcs can have a negatve radius value. The design capability is further advanced by the ability to either taper and/or skew the part. These designs are unfolded into their flat shapes by a simple command.

.Asymmetric Tapered Oval Screen Shot

Fig: Ths show the asymmetric oval with both taper and skew

3D Asymmetric Tapered Oval
Fig: This shows the assymetric oval design above oval shaded

Elliptical Sectrions Screen Shot

Fig: Elliptical Sections - these sections are similiar to ovals but conform to the perfect ellipse design. They can also be designed with taper and skew.

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