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Mesh Unfolder - Version 3 - Released June 2012

A new version of Mesh Unfolder (v3) has now been released including support for more file formats including DXF polymeshes, DXF 3D surfaces, STL (that can be generated from any surface models in most CAD systems), OBJ and WAV files. The new product includes facilities to split and section the mesh and unfold the object in parts.

For more information see Mesh Unfolder.
To Buy a license see our Download Page.

Sheet Lightning - Version 6 - Released Feb 2011

Sheet Lightning v 6 is here! With powerful new features including the ability to generate whole chutes (spiral and other) by simply typing dimensions, and most of all to import DXF files containing 3D center line layouts (Pro Version) - automatically turning them into 3D intersecting pipes and cones, with intersection of any level of complexity.

Trevor Maddison, the company project manager has said - ‘Our purpose is to create affordable solutions for the whole market, not just large corporates. The pricing structure reflects the true spirit of Revcad’s commitment to keep the little guy at the leading edge’.

This release includes a completely revamped parametric library and includes some special design features - such as a parametric designer for pressure vessels.

See: screen shots.
See: product specification.
See: parametric design libraries.
See: Education.
See: Structural Steel.
See: Pattern Unfolding

For further information contact info@revcad.com.

Release Dates
Sheet Lightning 6 was released on 18 February 2011

Download and Registration
Demonstration version of all our products can be downloaded and registered through the download page.

New Features
The new program has been modelled on the best features of modern CAD system technology and the best parts of the former Sheet Lightning program. Existing users will find great similarities with the design methods of the previous versions of the program. The following itemises the new features of version 5:

  • Fully Windows program compatible with all Windows operating systems (95/98ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7).
  • Direct export to CAD programs (such as Autocad) - no need to save and pick up files.
  • New object cross sections with variable radii for all rectangular corners.
  • OpenGL support.
  • Enhanced matching capability.
  • Closer relationship between 3D and parametric environment.
  • Full printing capability of full size patterns and design images - for manufacure or reports.
  • Version 5 is fully backwards compatible (able to load files of previous versions).
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