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Sheet Lightning is a unique and powerful specialist CAD design system for designing and unfolding 3D sheet metal products such as ducting, flue, chutes, hoppers, feeders, chimneys, tubular steel and a host of other related products (See: specification)

Sheet Lightning Version 5.0 (CAD and Parametric modeling) and Version 5.0 Lite (Parametric only) were released on 18 January 2003 using the latest Windows and CAD technology developed by Revcad from experience in a number of engineering sectors (sheet metalwork, steel detailing, automotive). This technology is called RAD CAD Technology (Rapid Application Development of CAD Applications) and is expected to lead to a number of new and advanced CAD products in related fields.

Sheet Lightning has unique and specialized design capability (See: examples) including its use on massive tubuar steel design projects and high profile civil engineering projects such as complex multi-branched conduit to hydo-electric turbines. Both versions come with comprehensive parametric design libraries (See: Libraries) but also with unique capability for creating one-off and complex designs, and for generating new parametric designs and expanding the design library.

Sheet Lightning is used widely in education and has unique CAD education potential due to the simplicity of 3D design and high productivity of the software.

Sheet Lightning seamlessly integrates to general CAD systems.

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