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We at Revcad are delighted to offer you our expert programming, consultancy, design and engineering software development services and expertise to meet your specialized  needs and deliver you cutting edge software technology.

We are engineering, mathematical, technical and CAD software developers and designers serving the engineering industry in the development of specialized cutting edgeDesigners at work software for high-tech design and analysis. We are primarily qualified in mechanical engineering and highly experienced in software development having nearly 20 years of experience developing systems for design and/or analysis in many engineering sectors including:

  • Building construction
  • Structural steel
  • Automotive - engine and gearbox design
  • Sheet metalwork
  • Roof design
  • Fluid dynamics analysis
  • Heating system design
  • FE mesh model generation
  • Geometrical modeling
  • Mechanical animation

Products - We have a long history of contract software development for many engineering companies and we are the developers and owners of our own various unique specialized mathematical and CAD software products.

Technology - Our CAD applications are based on our own RAD CAD technology (Rapid Application Development for CAD software). Our products demonstrate unique and powerful technology/techniques for providing powerful, interactive, specialized CAD and technical design environments. Over 20 years we have developed our own unique and comprehensive software libraries for 3D design and analysis applications that use the latest and greatest programming technologies. The technology at our disposal is therefore truly unique in the world and enables us to develop the most robust and highly maintainable software systems with minimum time and effort.

Your Needs & Our Services - We are at your service to apply our skills and technology to solving your CAD requirements by analyzing your needs, providing consultancy, applying our design skills and developing customized software giving you the leading edge in design technology. To inquire contact Trevor Maddison.

Analytical Skills - At Revcad we have the analytical skills to design software for technical projects using the latest object-oriented programming technology. This kind of analysis allows us to break a problem down and encapsulate it with a ‘black box’ design approach. This approach means that any problem areas of a project are contained and controlled in a way that isolates the individual problems and presents them in a highly maintainable form for general use, future development and easy maintenance. Such a system brings together the ‘black box’ units with neat, clean interfaces that maximize the maintainability and extendibility of the software.

Tools - Revcad have an armory of powerful tools and facilities developed over the last 20 years. Many of these they have developed themselves for their own purposes. Some of these include

  • Interactive CAD GUI tools
  • Powerful dialog facilities (interfaced to CAD)
  • Parametric design tools
  • 3D Modeling tools
  • Specialized macro and language development
  • Mathematical tools
  • Visualization tools
  • Mechanism design tools

Why Revcad? – Because professional technology is the only acceptable foundation for products and services in the modern world, and because it is almost invariably the key to future product development. Conversely, though the amateur or semiprofessional approach has been common in the past it has proved in the longer term to become a huge barrier to further product development and often absorbs inordinate levels of manpower both in development and maintenance as the developers seek to climb the learning curves involved. It is perhaps more true of the software industry than any other that without extensive training and experience to draw on it is inevitable that mistakes are made in software design and structure – the consequences of which can range from unnecessary inflexibility to a ‘runaway’ monster. Revcad have a proven software foundation developed over 20 years, we use the latest technology and our unique RAD CAD methodology to create software of the highest quality. For more information or to discuss your design requirements contact us on:

Revcad - Detail of Services and Expertise

 CAD Interface – Revcad develop software that can either integrate to Autocad or another CAD system, or can standalone as a CAD system in itself. This gives the most versatile solution possible. The design can be made to ‘hop-inside’ Autocad and use it as its CAD engine, or remain as a separate facility.

Parametric Technology – Many CAD problems can be reduced to a parametric solution. This means the design can be driven by the user by typing in dimension values only, bypassing the need for CAD skills. Revcad have tools to provide the interaction between dimensions and the visible design giving instant results as parameter values are changed. Revcad have also pushed the technology forward to allow 3D CAD interactivity and parametric technology to combine in a single interface where required. Some of the flagship products of Revcad provide means to automatically analyze a design and attach dimensions and thereby extend the parametric design library for the product in question. Conversely parametric designs can be transferred into the 3D environment for specialized 3D CAD interaction.

3D Visualization – Revcad provide means for any 3D CAD design to be displayed as a fully rendered view with easy to use view manipulation or ‘orbiting’ of the view. This is integral to the 3D facilities and requires very little effort to implement in the software.

Design Language – One of the most powerful and high level features Revcad have is their highly adaptable language development facilities. Macro languages have been developed for many products ranging from word processors to CAD systems. Revcad have taken this to a new level by provided their language facility as the highest level customization tool. Any specialized field of CAD design can be expressed through some form of scripted language. Revcad have the means to adapt and tailor a language to perfectly suit the design of a particular product (for example the definition of section shapes , or the creation of a steel joint with brackets, bolts and fittings etc.). This tailored language would give the most powerful mode of expression for the particular CAD product. The language level can range from simple macro, parametric, procedural, or all the way up to a fully object oriented (i.e. encapsulated , descendent, polymorphic) level. The language facility is so flexible it is not limited to syntax – Revcad can plug in a language syntax that is most familiar to the user. Revcad’s language tools include a generic script development environment and debugger. The language user can therefore step through a script and watch the product develop stage by stage as the script is executed, if required. It is also often possible to form collaboration between the 3D interactive CAD design processes and the scripted language, such that the 3D design actions are recorded in a scripted form. The scripts can then be replayed as required or used as a base for script development. This truly provides the highest level and most versatile design customization feature for any product. Revcad have developed this generic language facility simply because this level of integration and control of the language would not be possible by any other means.

OOP Technology – Programming in general went through a complete revolution when object oriented programming systems were introduced (OOP – in the early 1990’s). However the whole study of object oriented techniques and the methods of using OOP facilities has been left mainly to the imagination and invention of the programmer. Revcad have taken these powerful facilities and through extensive experience in the engineering and CAD sectors have developed their own tools and facilities right from the foundational level up to the specialized 3D CAD level. What has emerged from this is something Revcad calls their ‘RAD CAD’ technology (i.e. Rapid Application Development of CAD applications). This technology provides a safety net with far more software protection (against bugs and faults) than is available in the raw programming languages and the end result is that complex CAD application can be developed with a fraction of the time and effort that was once required.

Revcad’s OOP technology embraces a ‘black box’ approach where problems are encapsulated and then provided with a standard form of interface that other objects (or black boxes) can use to interact with it. The black box hides all the complexity of the process from the rest of the system and therefore becomes its area of responsibility. All work on that particular problem takes place within the black box while only the interfaces have to be maintained to keep the whole system working. Larger black boxes then develop to contain and integrate smaller black boxes, thus controlling their interactivity and presenting a corporate interface to the rest of the system.

Abstraction is an important feature of the software developed by Revcad. What this means is that every problem is analyzed from a generic level as well as the specific product and design level. The result is that more code is reused and available for reuse and the software foundation extends to address generically similar problems. Revcad’s foundation is now mature and well developed having addressed and solved problems in many engineering sectors from both the generic and specific level. The end result is rapid software development of extremely high quality.

Dialog – Dialog boxes are a major feature of all software. Revcad have developed major extensions to the standard visual system components included with visual languages. These facilities allow specialized 3D and interactive CAD features to be very easily included in any dialog box.

Mathematical Tools – Revcad are highly experienced in applying the most complex mathematical analysis and have developed numerous tools for this purpose. We combine the best from classical mathematics, algorithms and numerical methods to achieve the right result.

Modeling – Revcad use both surface and solid modeling techniques through both our own modeler and/or by interfacing to third party modelers. Revcad’s own in-house 3D modeling system was developed for two reasons – efficiency and specialization. Using OOP (see earlier) specialized knowledge can be built into the modeling system to give it specific intelligence about the product that is being modeled. It can produce an extendible variety of representations that would be difficult to produce with a regular modeling system. The modeler has proven to be the best solution in the right circumstances, which is often during the development phase of the product. This gives optimal modeling and the final result can then be modeled in any form such as a third party solid or surface model.

Free Form, Component and Mechanism Design – We would define a free form design to be something with a great deal of flexibility, such as a steel fabrication where the basic components are plate and extruded steel sections, bolts, brackets and fittings etc. Components are less flexible parts such as engine parts that have a specific purpose, position and interface to other components. Mechanisms are normally dynamic components that have some form of motion. Revcad are highly experienced with virtual design in all these areas and have a software foundation to address them all. These areas have a common generic base that is relevant to all, and then a more specific foundational level built upon it for each of these types of design. The free form design tends to require many more facilities in the form of 3D CAD tools, whereas the component design tends to be much more parametrically base. Revcad are able to bring together the right combination of tools to address all these problems to give an excellent virtual design solution.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs - no obligations.

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