Designing Intersections

Sheet Lightning v5 has unique capability to handle everything from simple intersections to very complex multiple intersections. This defines the way the parts are joined or connected. There are 3 basic intersection types:

Parts are intersected by simply linking their center lines together using the drag, drop and snap linking in the 3D design system (full version only). The design environment is created specifically to make this process of 3D design as simple as it could possible be. The alternative is to use the library of template designs and simply load a design and type in new dimensions. These designs are pre-created complete with links and intersections.

Multiple intersections are formed by simple linking parts together onto the same ‘node’. For example nodes exist at each center line end. The end of 3 pipes or cones can be be linked together to form a multiple intersection:


There are special matching procedures that cause the parts to be matched together in various ways to form a valid intersection. The match between linked parts forms part of the definition of the intersection relationship and in parametric designs is applied each time the dimension values are changed.

The intersection, linking information and matching data all define the way the parts join or connect together.

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